Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant

Hand Painted Engraving

107 x 76 cm

£2500 (unframed)

Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant is one of the rarest and largest carnivorous plants, growing as high as 1.5 metres. Its pitchers are 30 cm in diameter and are able to capture and digest large insects and rodents, which supply them with nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, allowing them to survive in poor soil. Its inconspicuous flowers produce minute seeds that are dispersed by wind.

It is only native in the zone from 1,600m to the shrub land summit of Mount Victoria (1,726m) in the central region of the Philippine island of Palawan. It only grows
in soil rich in ultramafic, nickel and magnesium, amongst plants of
less than 1.8m. In the Philippines, species of the same family are often poached from the wild.

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